Giving Back

We believe in being the change and supporting a cause, so 5% of all our profits are donated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries through Opportunity International Australia

By providing small loans to families through Opportunity International Australia, we can help them leave poverty behind. And with a loan as small as $70 to buy a sewing machine or seeds to plant a vegetable farm, families are able to start their own business and transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. And as loans are repaid and then recycled, more and more families are helped over time. And as we continue to donate a percentage of profits the effect sends ripples further and further. 

By giving families the tools they need to transform their lives, microfinance is a sustainable solution to poverty, creating a ripple effect that will continue for generations to come. After all, if we can thrive then why not help others less fortunate do the same. 

Your support and trust in Spa Wellness Consulting provides the means by which we can give back. Thank you!