Amala Luxury Skincare Presented by Spa Wellness Consulting Australia


We are proud to represent Amala, a luxury skincare collection trusted by top 5-star spas for its results-oriented formulas and sensorial experiences. Rooted in advanced plant chemistry and artisanal craft, each powerful Amala treatment is of 100% natural origin and works in total synergy with the body—optimizing the skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself. 

Amala is built on a philosophy that aligns with the values that we at Spa Wellness hold dear to our heart. The formulations are concentrated, carefully considered custom blends rooted in advanced German plant chemistry and artisanal craft. The collection is backed by third party clinical test results and NATRUE natural & organic certification. Potent organic plant ingredients are sourced from a global network of 14 fair trade farmers, who harvest the ingredients in their native habitats, fully preserving their unique skin benefits with painstaking cultivation and extraction techniques. The formulas contain the highest levels of potent, organic ingredients of any certified natural luxury skincare brand. And and are powered by high performance seed oils, botanical extracts and sea algae, rich in natural peptides, potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Offering radiant results for the skin whilst supporting the planet is what Amala stands for. 

Amala is currently partnered with the One&Only Spa on Hayman Island.

Note: Spa Wellness Consulting considers each individual spa brand and demographic when choosing the most suited spa product. Therefore whilst we are the brand ambassadors for Amala, we also have positive relationships with many other spa brands. As your consultancy we seek out the best fit for your individual spa.