Working with a spa and the team from 1 to 3 days provides us with the opportunity to effectively assess a spa on all levels from the challenges, to the missed opportunities and also the financial potential. Within this evaluation we also consider the current spa menu offering, spa design and aesthetics, marketing strategies, competitors and brand positioning, along with guest service standards, simple cost saving strategies and operational efficiency. We then present a report that details our findings along with our recommendations, solutions and suggested strategies so that the spa can thrive.

Spa Wellness Consulting has provided detailed business evaluation reports to a number of spa companies and we always receive a huge thanks from the clients that have engaged us for this service. This is an affordable service that provides a lot of direction and reaps a positive return on investment. 

REEF HOUSE SPA (Sofitel Resorts) - Business Evaluation & Report Completed. 

VIE SPA (Pullman Resorts) - Business Evaluation & Report of 3 Spa Sites Completed.

ONE SPA (RACV Resorts) - Business Evaluation & Report of 5 Spa Sites Completed.