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WILLOW URBAN RETREAT (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Spa Wellness Consulting was hired to consult on the design and wellness philosophy for Willow. This involved working closely with Sharon Bassat, the owner, Meme Design Studio and Round Branding Agency to define and lay down the groundwork in terms of the wellness philosophy, interior design, spa and wellness menu and operational structure of the business. We advised on implementing wellness into the build, with ideas such as air purification, non toxic (low VOC) finishes and furnishings, natural light and sustainably sourced products.

SOFITEL HOPE ISLAND (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

Spa Wellness Consulting provided market research and advice on the best business model for the development of a new day spa and wellness space within the Hope Island Resort. We provided an area program, a design brief and re-worked the floor plans so that the guest journey and subsequent operational ease was thoroughly considered. After a number of iterations with the architects the client reported that their expectations of our service was far exceeded. 


Spa Wellness Consulting brainstormed the concept and brand that is now Alceme Urban Retreat with its owner Roderick West. We were also pleased to inspire and articulate the choice of Alchemy as a name, as it represents transformation, which was Rod's overall vision. We mapped out the best possible floor plan for the day spa, cafe and movement space. We also provided concepts and ideas for the food menu, spa treatment menu, spiritual workshops and fitness and mindfulness classes. We put forth Priya Tahere for the role of General Manager due to her passion and expertise in this area. She went onto successfully open Alceme Urban Retreat and the business is receiving a wonderful response from patrons.