Offering a unique service our boutique consultancy provides an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a retreat, retreat ideas, retreat design and planning a retreat. Having worked and stayed in some of the worlds best retreats as well as personally hosting retreats has given us the expertise to understand the unique requirements in designing a retreat centre, in planning a retreat program and the specialists required to host a remarkable journey for guests. Offering an innovative approach to support retreat development, our consultants consider the sum of all parts to deliver a truly exceptional product. This area is our passion! We understand the current trends and guests expectations in the niche area of retreats and wellness and we help you create a commercial venture with true integrity. 

Whether designing and developing a new health resort or hosting a retreat within an existing resort or hotel, our strategic approach includes:

  • Feasibility Study and SWOT Analysis
  • Defining Retreat Concept, Brand and Vision
  • Design of Facilities 
  • Implementing Ecological/Sustainability Initiatives 
  • Selection of Retreat Facilitators
  • Developing Guest Program of Activities
  • Creating Culinary Experience 
  • Specialised Spa and Wellness Services 
  • Specification of Operational Supplies and Equipment
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Curating Content for Collaterals
  • PR and Marketing 
  • Implementing Standard Operating Procedures 
  • Staff Recruitment and Training 
  • Organising and Executing Launch

Health Resort Design 

Designing and building a retreat centre extends beyond a typical resort plan and there are many specialised aspects worth considering. The use of materials that embrace the natural elements of the environment, a space that encourages a deeper connection, a design that has a 'sense of place' and a project that intelligently considers feng shui and other philosophies are just a few. Then there are various expansions upon a typical resort that may include a holistic spa centre, consultation rooms, counselling offices, a fitness studio, movement spaces and other specialised areas for meditation, ceremonies and rituals. Our consultancy combines our collective knowledge of retreats with our ecologically aware design team, to bring your vision to life. We can offer support and project management through all aspects of the pre-opening as detailed in our strategic approach above.

Retreat Programs & Planning

With the exponential growth in wellness tourism, more luxury resorts and hotels are seeking to offer health retreats and wellness events, and while a resort may have ideal facilities, hosting a retreat does require a certain approach and herein lies our expertise. We have proven experience with the inner workings of a retreat, from the preparation and planning, to the operational logistics, to the gurus guaranteed to attract numbers. Thoughtfully crafted to support authentic healing from the inside out, our retreats are designed to appeal to discerning wellness travellers, with each retreat tailored to fit in with your facilities and unique location. Whether you’re seeking to create an uplifting yoga holiday, cleansing detox break, revitalising fitness escape or pampering spa vacation, our expert consultants will curate a health-enhancing experience with sustainable wellness in mind.