Holistic wellness coaches

Our 'little black book' of spa and wellness specialists, comprises some of the industry's best holistic practitioners and healers. These experts can visit your resort as a master in residence, spa trainer and presenter. This offers your spa and hotel valuable PR and the opportunity to expand the spa menu during peak season, whereby guests can enjoy a specialty experience and your team can be re-inspired with some unique training. They are also the specialists we call upon when curating a unique spa menu, delivering wellness solutions or planning a retreat. Please email us here for further enquires or if you wish to be on our database of holistic wellness specialists.

Keri Krieger - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg

Keri Krieger has almost 20 years of experience in the health, spa and wellness industry. She has worked in Australia’s leading Health Retreats and globally offering her trade marked modality Rockupuncture™, which she created to merge the luxurious indulgence of a spa experience with a traditional modality of wellness, Chinese Medicine. Utilising the Five Element model, Keri has a passion for translating the traditions of Chinese medicine into a modern context that supports her clients to achieve optimal wellbeing, whilst also balancing the mental and emotional transitions that are a part of life. As an industry leader in wellness and mentoring, Keri writes & facilitates niche training programs for therapists, implements policies & procedures for spas, and advises on wellness programs for health resorts. Her qualifications include an Advanced Diploma Applied Sciences Acupuncture, Bachelor of Health Sciences in Chinese Medicine, Certificate Hot Stones Massage, Certificate of Holistic Counselling, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. "I have a personal love of the spa and wellness industry, and a passion for training and mentoring therapists to discover their unique strengths so they can grow and thrive in their spa and wellness career."

Erykah Wright - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg

Erykah Wright is a seasoned spa specialist offering boutique recruitment as well as training and development to the spa, retreat and wellness industries. Hailing from a corporate human resources/recruitment and sales background, she entered the spa and wellness industry in 1999 and has since worked as an holistic therapist and in senior management roles across UK, Australia and NZ. Erykah founded the world’s leading spa and wellness recruitment agency - Spacareers International and her vast array of skills include recruitment, human resources, operations management, wellness coaching, holistic health, detox & wellness retreats, retail sales, organic cosmetics, sales & business development, personality profiling, lecturing  and is a Certified Workplace Trainer and Assessor. Erykah is now in the finalising further studies in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling, is a Recovery Coach and works in exclusive residential rehabilitation programs.  

Sammi Lucas - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg

Sammi Lucas is an Australian food writer, wholesome cook, a recipe developer, and health coach, and creator of SuperFoodSam. Sammi specialises in gluten-free cooking, as well as achieving and maintaining gut health. With a background of working in the food sector at high-end health retreats, she has developed a wide variety of skills when it comes to spa, menu design and speaking about gut health and food sustainability. She has a number of qualifications, including her most recent training at the reputable Matthew Kenney Culinary School in California, combined with a diploma of Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. It is this unique combination of training and experience, combined with a strong passion and enthusiasm for delectable, nourishing, innovative and creatively presented dishes with a strong emphasis on local and organic produce, which make Sammi a unique talent within the spa and health retreat industry. As all client needs are different, Sammi personalises her approach when working alongside each chef, and crafts a unique solution for each brief. She brings a sense of pride, passion and immense work ethic to every project she undertakes.

Caroline Scott - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg

Caroline Scott has a passion for health and helping people. As a holistic dietician, she has spent the past 15 years working collaboratively with integrative doctors, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats. She has co-authored a cookbook for children reflecting her nutrition philosophy and she is committed to helping people prevent and reverse disease as well as attaining their highest goals in health, happiness, joy and passion. Committed to organic food, farming and ecological sustainability, Caroline involves herself in many related projects. Attend one of her educational seminars or workshops and her informative, entertaining delivery style demystifies complicated scientific concepts and creates a fun learning environment. And experience Caroline in private consultation to gain a new perspective true nourishment. 

Celine Lapointe - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg


Celine Lapointe is a natural health and wellness specialist with more than 25 years in the industry, both in Australia and internationally. She has always been passionate about the mind-body connection and the direct impact of thoughts on emotional wellbeing. Celine is a registered holistic kinesiologist with qualifications in massage therapy, counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, hatha yoga, reiki, watsu and Australian bush flowers. Celine has a flourishing private practice throughout Australia and also consults to one of Australia's premier lifestyle retreats. 

Kimballe Robyzen - Wellness Coach  - Spa Wellness Consulting Australia.jpg

Kimballe Robyzen's holistic approach to health & wellbeing integrates iridology, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, lifestyle, vibrational medicine and quantum biofeedback technology. He is currently expanding his modalities to include craniosacral therapy and kinesiology. Kimballe discovered his passion for health and exploring underlying causes of disease through personal experience after being burnt out from the corporate world. From there Kimballe applied his instinctual determination, meticulous attention to detail and enthusiastic curiosity that brought him success in other fields to solving the mystery of his own health issues and those of his family. His open-minded Aquarian nature was intuitively drawn to the holistic approach of naturopathy, encompassing ancient and modern modalities.