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Designing my own website was truly a labor of love. I poured over stocksy images for hours so that I could capture the essential essence of my brand. It reflects who I am and what I believe in... spa and wellness in its most natural, beautiful and raw form. This website is also a living resume of the attention to detail and care I put into anything I do, as well as my style of copy writing. I hope it inspires and relaxes you in the same way it does me. 

In my case I had to keep costs down so I managed a lot of the design and had Marc Gimbrere, my web designer, handle the technical details and coding. He also guided me through the process of meta tags, organic SEO, site silos, keywords and other web language. I love learning and this was my way of understanding the world of web design so that I can support my clients when developing theirs. 

Its so important to offer navigational ease, charisma and great copy through this online forum. After all, it speaks volumes about what you can offer as a business. Please give me a call if you would like to chat about how I can assist with your web design process.