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Spa, Whole Food Cafe, Retail Boutique, Yoga Studio

Spa Wellness Consulting was hired to consult on the design and wellness philosophy for Willow on High St. in Armadale, Melbourne. This involved working closely with Sharon Bassat, the owner, Meme Design Studio and Round Branding Agency to define and lay down the groundwork in terms of the wellness philosophy, interior design, spa and wellness menu and operational structure of the business.

We advised on implementing wellness into the build, with ideas such as air purification, non toxic (low VOC) finishes and furnishings, natural light and sustainably sourced products. We also advised on having a strong ayurvedic, tcm and organic skincare approach to the spa menu offering. We presented concepts on a food menu, workshop themes, fitness classes and mindfulness based activities. 

We put forth Amanda Wilson for the role of General Manager as we believed she had the passion and expertise to see this project through to a successful opening and beyond. Willow Urban Retreat opened its doors in May 2018 and has received a lot of recognition and is enjoying a prosperous flow of wellness guests and devotees.