While we usually only associate food with nourishing ourselves, food is actually only one part of the equation and that's because we are multi-dimensional beings that need to be nurtured and nourished on many different levels. So here is an idea that's “fulfilling” rather than “filling” that was shared with me by a life coach called Janelle Fletcher.

She calls it the nourishment menu and its a circle divided into 8 segments which look like pieces of a pie. It contains 8 things that fill my soul and that I am committed to giving myself either daily or at least weekly – because these are the things that give me more energy as opposed to draining me of my energy or chi. My nourishment menu tops me up, it is relaxing, rejuvenating and replenishing. And after all isn't that what soul nourishment is truly about? 

Your “nourishment” will be different to mine so make it your own. It must align with you and what fulfills YOU - whether that be creative pursuits, walks in the rain, pottering in the garden, snuggling up with a good read, chatting to God, doing something adventurous, planning a trip, ringing a friend, playing loud music, dancing like a maniac or spending time in silence. Whatever your flavour, attend to your soul and quite often the rest will follow. You will be much more inclined to nourish and nurture yourself with whole living foods that make you feel alive and vital. And you will also be much more inclined to nourish your need to breath, move and sweat. All in all, attending to our souls has a lot of positive side effects.