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If we are truly considering wellness as a way of life and business practice, then its time to consider the skincare brands we use and promote. The question begging attention is two fold. Is your skincare good for you and the planet? Does your brand support fair trade, organic farming and sustainable practices? And is it living and breathing an ecological philosophy both in and out of the bottle? I think its fair to say that few spa brands can actually fly this flag and yet if we are truly espousing an integral wellness philosophy its a flag worth flying.

Although natural and organic cosmetics occupy less than 5% of the global cosmetic market place, there are sizable opportunities for growth in natural cosmetics if the industry can transition from “product focus” to “customer focus”. We can hardly say we are customer focused if the brand we align with is a chemical concoction that promises eternal youth, whilst actually hosting numerous side effects to ones health. In fact, one recent report stated that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine consists of a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals. All of these being fed to the skin, our largest living breathing organ, on a daily basis. 

If you want to protect yourself and your clients from chemical overload and reduce your overall cosmetics usage; switch to natural or organic products, and read the labels on your beauty and grooming products as if they were nutritional food labels, because they actually are. There are a number of spa brands on the market that have true integrity and one such brand, which I proudly represent is Amala.

The name Amala has a few meanings, including; “the most pure.” (sanskrit), “revered mother.” (tibetan) and “love her.” (in spanish and italian). The company sources 28 plant ingredients from 14 fair trade farms around the world, from Peru to Turkey to Egypt to India. Amala has longstanding partnerships with organic growers who provide full traceability of the quality and purity of their ingredients from seed to skin. Rooted in advanced plant chemistry and artisanal craft, each powerful Amala treatment is of 100% natural origin and works in total synergy with the body—optimizing the skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself.

Powered by high performance seed oils, botanical extracts and sea algae, rich in natural peptides, potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids, the products are backed by third party clinical test results and NATRUE natural & organic certification. And finally the headquarters located in the beautiful bavarian alps, embody Amala's commitment to environmental responsibility. The carbon neutral, feng shui building features cutting edge green design and technologies, including passive lighting, rainwater collection, green roof and air fountain system. This is a company with conscience.