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The aesthetic appeal of your Spa is crucial, particularly as a very large percentage of Spa goers report that a spa’s facilities is their primary consideration when choosing a spa. And this makes sense. After all, we often choose a restaurant based on its ambience before we even look at the menu. And why would the spa space be any different? In fact, its even more important.

A spa needs to represent an escape from the world of noise and busy, offering an inviting, ambient, clean and beautiful sanctuary. Regrettably, delivering on this ideal picture can often be a challenge without a well-designed facility, the proper equipment and an organized space. This can then further impact on a seamless guest journey as the therapist may be stressed, the noise factor might be high and the tension within the spa can be palpable. At the business level this can slow down efficient work practice, increase wage costs, limit retail and rebooking, lower staff morale and affect guest satisfaction. However, there are many solutions that are easily achievable.

If your spa is looking a little tired, it’s the little things you add to the mix that can really create an impact. Fresh flowers, new throw cushions, artworks, a rug, ornaments, gorgeous candle votives, clever merchandising and a host of other things. Attention to detail is everything in the spa world, but if you can achieve a harmonious and cohesive balance with your styling elements the guest journey is elevated to a whole new level. Because the effect a space has on the way we feel combined with an amazing treatment is truly the style icing on the cake.