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One of the gifts I give to myself at New Year, is the time to simply dream... BIG. I always make sure I carve out a day or two for complete 'alone' time where I can reflect on the past year and dream up my new year. For many years now I have been writing a vision journal based on a book I read when I was 28 years old, called The Breakthrough Experience, by Dr DeMartini. 

This book is about breaking through the barriers that keep us from experiencing our true nature as light. It contains an inspiring combination of science and philosophy, presented in a completely accessible way that makes even the most profound concepts easily understood. Through the extraordinary but true stories of ordinary people having astonishing and moving life experiences, it explores the universal laws and principles that underlie our very existence. Most important, it is an extremely real and practical manual for understanding why we live the way we do, and how to transform our life into our highest vision.

My dream process has me considering the key areas of my life - relationships, finances, career, family, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. I evaluate my values and what is most important and moving to me in this current chapter of life. I write a wish list of 25 daring, bold and outrageous things I would go for if absolutely nothing stood in the way. And I find images online that reflect the visual aspect of what I want to create.  

Two years ago I purchased a subscription to Mind Movies. The brilliance to this approach is that I can now pull together a moving vision board that includes images, affirmations and music to heighten the depth of feeling and neural association to living the life of my dreams. Then I watch this morning and evening to embed my life's movie into my subconscious so that I really have no choice but to get out of my own way and go live the life of my dreams. 

Another simple approach is to choose a word. My word this year is CHERISH and it applies to just about everything I want to be, do and have.

So whats your word? How will you create the life you love? And how will you live a life of purpose and passion? I hope this short blog might have helped. I had fun sharing it with you.