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When it comes to operational excellence the 'devil is in the detail' and it's the touch points considered at every turn that transform the spa experience from good to great and beyond. There is no space or service that demands more attention to detail and optimal operational flow than a spa. A guest enters the space in anticipation of a beautiful spa journey, where we offer an escape from the world of busy, where there are fine-tuned service details with a difference and where they are met by a polished and personable spa therapist. Our ability to deliver on this expectation comes down to how well we planned the original spa design. And if we don't have the luxury of working within a purpose built facility then some creative re-organisation may be required. 

Its often at the busiest times in a spa that the cracks begin to appear. There may not be enough seating in the relaxation room, the change rooms may be crowded, the reception area might be mayhem and lets not mention the probable stress going on behind the scenes. Its in these instances that an organised space and strong operational procedures can save the day. 

Over the years I have continually heard therapists complain when they feel their spa is not organised. Lack of operational flow puts so much more pressure on everyone and unfortunately the tension can hang in the air like a dark cloud. Its quite natural for staff to want to work in a spa that offers structure, standard operating procedures, a well defined guest journey, ongoing training and the equipment they need. It makes their work life so much easier, the standards are set and they can hold their heads high with pride. Who would have thought operational excellence would guarantee good staff morale? 

The win-win effect of an excellent operation is happy staff, delighted clients and a healthy business turnover. The spa space and the staff can be fully utilised because you are now running everything like clockwork. This cuts wage costs and increases the amount of bookings you can accept. And not only that, your retail sales can soar because your well defined guest consultation and retail process is set up to succeed. Every touch point has been carefully considered to deliver a seamless experience that can take your guest to a whole new level of 'let go' and in this day and age that is priceless.