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A seamless guest journey is a sum of many parts. If we want to 'wow' our guests and take them on an exceptional journey then its necessary to consider all of the pieces below. 

WEBSITE - The flow of business often begins with your website. People of all demographics and ages search for services via the internet and your website needs to be designed with some keyword and SEO silo capabilities. It also needs to use imagery to evoke anticipation and desire.

SPA COLLATERALS - First impressions count! Your collaterals present and ultimately sell your brand. The Spa menu needs to be readable, evocative and wet the Spa appetite. Promotions and PR also need to be in motion.

THE RECEPTION AREA - This ambient space is what sells your Spa when a guest enters. It needs to feel and look good, smell nice and feel calm.

THE SPA RECEPTIONIST - This person is your ‘peace and wellness’ representative and ideally the Spa Manager. They drive the business of the Spa through clever use of suggestive selling, upgrading and efficient management of calendar.

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT - The phone should be answered within 3 rings. Emails should be answered within 3 hours and walk in guest’s should be attended to within 30 seconds. This process has to be efficient and easy for the guest.

THE SPA WELCOME - The experience starts with a warm welcome and ease of flow into change room and serenity lounge. A spa refreshment and consultation form await. A spa therapist arrives well groomed, calm and smiling.

THE SPA THERAPIST - The therapist is professional, courteous and genuine.

THE TREATMENT ROOM - This space needs to be clean, ambient and inviting. It is also crucial that the therapist has the operational items, environment and the workable flow needed so that they can perform the treatment proficiently, calmly and quietly.

THE CONSULTATION - A consultation done well opens the way to upgrading, rebooking and retailing. It also makes the guest feel they are having a treatment tailored to their needs. Ideally discussed during foot ritual.

TREATMENT - This is where we really prove our worth. The treatment is tailored where appropriate, the therapist uses polished language, moves about the room quietly, is skilled, confident and trained to perform the treatment.

IN CLOSING - The guest is offered lifestyle advice, product recommendations, and is escorted to serenity lounge, served a refreshment, given a prescription form and tray with retail and upon return to reception is rebooked and billed. 

I hope this summary provides some guidance and if you are wondering how your spa stacks up, then consider engaging a mystery shopper to review the guest journey. Feel free to give me a call to find out about the service we offer in this realm, and till then remember its the tiny touch points that matter.