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It is important to research spa partners when creating a new spa or spa menu and to remain emotionally neutral. The main consideration is how this product aligns with your hotel and spa brand. Below are other important questions you need to ask when selecting a Spa partner:

Spa’s in your Region - Is There Another Spa With the Same Product Nearby?

Products Country of Origin - Local or International?

Unique Selling Point - High Tech or Natural?

It’s Positioning - Luxury Establishments or Local Salons?

Exclusivity - Across 50 Spa’s or 500 Spa’s?

Online Competition - Can the Product Be Purchased Online at 60% Off?

Retail Price - Is It Too Expensive or Too Cheap for Your Guest Demographic?

Profit Margin - Do You Receive a Full 100% Profit Margin or Less?

Treatment Costing - Does It Cost $8 or $40 to Deliver a Facial?

Testers - Are Testers Supplied and How Often Are They Replaced?

POS - Is Point of Sale Material Supplied for Free?

Training - Does The Company Provide Regular Training Free of Charge?

Therapist Incentives - Does The Company Give Products to Therapists?

PR Support - Does The Company Offer PR Support & Marketing?

Diversity of Treatments - Is There Enough to Create an Interesting Spa Menu?

Stock Holding - Do You Need to Keep a High Level of Professional Stock?

Treatment Protocols - Are These Labour Intensive and Hard to Train?

Retail Selection - Is There A Good Variety of Retail & Lifestyle Products to Sell? 

When evaluating a spa partner based on the questions above you can make an informed decision that will serve your business and your client in the best possible way. And if you need an unbiased opinion give me a call and I can help you find the perfect spa partner fit.